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    Shamelessly stolen from - I haven't tried it since I already have a copy but for those who don't....

  2. Maybe it's a marketing strategy.... hoping some of those who take advantage will pay for an upgrade ??
  3. Thanks that was perfect. I was contemplating buying, now I don't need to.
  4. If you decide you want to upgrade, keep in mind buying at instead. They usually have it for $29.99 (same as Acronis' home page upgrade price)... Newegg sometimes has it for $24.99.
  5. Thanks Gnome. As I recall you posted on another thread I would be best served cloning vs. imaging right. So I just need to make a trip to Costco or Sams and get an external HD to USB correct?

  6. very nice, thanks. I got in there just under the wire, I think, because the offer was withdrawn at the first site above. However, I was able to get the serial number and if you can get that, Acronis will honour the offer. You won't find the right downlaod at the trials page, though - as mentioned above, you have to go to your Personal Account and there you will find the v 7.0 waiting for you.
  7. Not sure if Acronis V7 will clone to USB drive... you might want to check after you install and before you buy one. However, you can mount another ATA drive as the Slave and clone to it. (My experience is with V8, so if something has changed, sorry...)
  8. hey gnome, you're the guy to ask this - I opened my newly installed TrueImage v 7.0 and got an error message saying that

    'Acronis has detected unsupported hard disc drives. Acronis TrueImage does not support Windows Dynamic discs, EZ Drives etc.'

    Now... I have an external HDD plugged in to my rig through USB - in fact this is where I was planning on making my image. It's a Western Digital Dual Option 120 GB backup.

    Surely Acronis is not telling me that it can't make an image on this drive!

    My main HDD is partitioned... maybe this has something to do with that since I remember seeing an option to convert my partitions to 'dynamic discs' when I was trying to eliminate the partition (something I still haven't been able to do).

    Can you tell me anything about this error message? Do I need to convert my partitions to dynamic discs in disc management, and will that have any other repercussions on my system?

    I will do a search and posting to answer this myself, just thought I'd ask and try to save an hour :)

    Thanks, I'll check back after 10:30 pm EST.

    Hmmm... opened disc management and the 'C:' volume is of the type 'dynamic'.

    Acronis help shows no hits when searching for 'dynamic'...
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    I just went thru this w/my drives. Acronis will not work w/a "Dynamic" drive. You have to go into Disk Management and change it to "Basic".

  10. I have version 8.0 so I don't know if v. 7 will do this, but I make my images files right to the same partition that I'm backing up. Then I simply copy the newly created file to my external USB connected HDD.

    Works perfectly. But again, this is v 8
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