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    I daytrade stocks and have been following a few paid chatroom services. I'll like to gather information on which are the better "free" chatrooms out there. I didn't want to pay until i get my monthly winnings up a step.

  2. Well I don't daytrade stocks as much anymore, however, I can tell you that the range from some of these chatrooms are anywhere from free - $1,000+ i've seen.

    So make sure you know the reputation of the person you're going to sign on with.
  3. People who run chatrooms are not any better traders than you could be.
    But, most people like someone to hold their hand while they squeeze the trigger, hence they are willing to pay up ridiculous sums of money.
  4. Don't get chat rooms and signal calling rooms mixed up.

    All the chat rooms I know are FREE.

    In comparison, most of the signals calling rooms are not free.

    Thus, if your looking for a free signal calling room (head trader tells everybody when to buy and sell)...

    Good luck because the signal calling rooms that are free will eventually become fee-based because its free as a marketing tactic to get the membership high prior to announcing the fees to continue using it.

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    Thanks all. What about a "free" chatroom where traders gather to discuss the days actions, ..... short of paying fees?

    It can be lonely trading and staring a screens.
  6. Check out paltalk, there's a few trading rooms there. Not sure how many are free, but could be a place to start.
  7. Just log onto the IRC Othernet server or FinancialChat server...

    Then type in the command /list

    You'll then be able to see all the different types of trader chat rooms (there's a lot) and all are free.

    There are others on those servers but they don't show up on the /list command because they want to be private or not seen.

    A few of those private rooms are fee-based and fall into the category of signal calling service and not just your normal chat room.

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