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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by QuoteT_Brent, Apr 25, 2007.

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    <font size=4>QuoteTrader now offers FREE charts!</font>

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    Use your IB, TD AMERITRADE or eSignal account, to access desktop charting - FREE and with no additional exchange fees!

    QuoteTrader is now more tightly integrated to and has even more decision support with its trading and order management - FREE!

    To register for, and install QuoteTrader, please access:

    To request more information please forward any questions or comments to:


    QuoteTrader Product Management
  2. Brent I wanted to say "Thank You" for posting this, and helping me out.
    I"ll be signing up with QT in June when I get to study the mkts full time.

    Having Constantly Capped Volume Bars is a major consideration, but your pricing surely helps!:D

  3. moo


    How does this QuoteTrader compare to QuoteTracker?
  4. Good question. In the features list I haven't seen anything chartwise that isn't in QuoteTracker. It seems Trader has a DOM. so that is a diff.
    Will be hard to match Qtracker otherwise, since it has so many features, after 1 year of intensive use I discover new stuff every week and it feels like I'm only using half of it still.

    The name of QTrader is very confusing. Qtracker is a long established product, now in the hands of A-trade. Why would anyone choose a name that similar, unless it is on purpose. Searching for QT will give close results and now a lot of n00bs will start with the wrong program

  5. Hi Moo,

    Thank you for your question.

    As MajorUrsa indicated, QuoteTrader is FREE, DOM-based, single-click trade-management software (send me an email if you'd like a demo).
    Emphasis is on trading, and supporting leading DMA brokers across asset classes, and services (eg, order types, routing, asset classes, etc. - which can be pre-set at the asset class or symbol level).

    Decision support begins with the DOM, which assists in gauging liquidity by aggregating size at price (vs L2).
    Note: See image using MB Trading's demo feed:
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    To assist in pre/intra/post-trade decision support, the financial social networking resources of (hence the name QuoteTrader) is leveraged to provide global asset coverage, and access to technical analysis, fundamental research, education and forums.

    This week's release of QuoteTrader complements those tools by introducing free desktop charting with 30 studies, indicators and drawing tools.

    Again, please contact me if you'd like a brief demonstration.

    Thank you again for your interest,

    QuoteTrader Product Management
  6. The next QuoteTrader webinar will be this Monday, June 4th, at 1:30 pm pt, 4:30 pm et
    email for more information!

    QuoteTrader is FREE trading software that includes FREE Charting with 30 studies, indicators and drawing tools for clients of InteractiveBrokers, TD AMERITRADE or eSignal.

    QuoteTrader's DOM has single-click trade-management that supports trading and data to multiple brokers simultaneously.

    Improve your liquidity estimates with QuoteTrader's FREE DOM, which aggregates size at price, complementing your Level II, and supports single-click trade-entry and order management.
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    For pre/intra/post-trade decision support, refer to the financial social networking resources of for FREE global asset coverage, access to technical analysis, fundamental research, education and forums.

    QuoteTrader is FREE, so see for yourself how it can complement your existing tools and platforms.
    Alternatively, visit an upcoming webinar, or email a request for additional information.

    Thank you,

    QuoteTrader Product Management
  7. malaka56


    If you support spread/pairs charting, you will beat QuoteTracker to the punch. I would use Qtrader, or Qtracker, if only they supported spreads!

    Can't find this feature anywhere. Tradestation it is possible, but not very sexy.