Free cash in oil?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by ORM, Dec 12, 2007.

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    I have followed the oil market for years. What is happening now must be the stupidest hype ever. This season the oil inventories always fall, yet the analysts predict an inventory increase every single week. Why is that? Is it because they dont know better, or because they want to create a hype? The oil inventories are high if you look at the historic figures.

    Who is going to go bust this time? I cant really understand why on earth people accept this. Some is going to pay deeply for the very easy cash that can be made in the oil market today. This hype is following the internet market and the homebuilders. You see the exact same pattern, and it is the exact same who will pay again. Can someone tell me why it is so easy?

  2. johnston


    buy low, sell high
  3. Shhhh! Please don't jinx that trade for the rest of us.
  4. Since it's so easy, would you mind trading my capital for me? I've been waiting for someone like you all my life.
  5. my thoughts also. Why do some people come in, thinking they are clairvoyant about a market, and everyone else just can't see it???
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    I forgot to say that I do not trade oil yet, but I am working on strategies that have yielded great numbers. Considering it now. I am a stock trader, and do not have much time.

    My point is this....

    When you followed the oil market a few years you always see that the analysts have predicted the oil inventories to fall this season. Because they always fall in this season. Yet they always predict it to rise now. What does that tell us about risk/reward on wednesdays?

    Also look at the intrday volume in oil. What on earth has happened?

    I am sorry for my misleading first post. I can see I should have written it differently (Im not native english speaker)

  7. Shagi


    Analysts analyse while traders trade.