Free carbonite style backup?

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  1. Is there a free carbonite style PC back up available? Thanks! surf
  2. Not sure how much you are looking for, but MSFT's Skydrive offers 7gigs free. I haven't found larger for free as of yet. I have divided some files up between a couple of accounts to keep on the free side.
  3. Perfect, thanks!!
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    I dont get it... what is the obsession with people who in theory are traders and make money "trading" to get things for free? spend $50 on acronis and another $100/yr with microsoft skydrive and be done...

    offers 50 gig free but you will have to do your own backups to it.
  6. I guess I was brought up to save money where I could instead of just pissing it away because I have some. I pay for my local backups(ie external drives) which I setup myself, and use the free backups for files I may need away from home, or that I prefer having multiple copies of in different locations for safety.
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    agree. there is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal.
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    I saw New Zealand and thought of Kim Dotcom. Sure enough, that's his company. In the link below, he's the lard ass behind the letter M. Not sure if all his legal troubles are settled.
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    Even many of the paid services don't work vey well (flaky automatic backup and synchronization, or uses too many system resources, etc) . I use Safecopy, 3GB free or pay for 200GB, and I am very happy with it.
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    hmmm... I dont think my upbringing has anything to do... there is such a concept of value... data is precious ... most of it cant be recreated... so I am not about to "cheap out" and save $100/year or even $50 and risk losing my data... but to each its own... I guess I am happy pissing away $$$ while I ensure my data is safe... my data while traveling does not fit on 7GB, so I am happy to pay m$ actual money to get more space... and acronis is the best software out there without going to enterprise class for my laptop... nothing wrong with free software, but my time is worth more than the $50 I would have spent on it if I have to recover down the road...
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