Free Bright Trading Mid Year Workshop

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  1. OK, we are holding our mid-year trading workshop on July 31, next Tuesday, right after the close. We have our top people, and special guest, Hank Camp of as well.

    Send me an email to if you would like to join us. This is the first time we've been allowed to open this event up to the Public.

    Online this year, no cost. Hope to see you online.

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    I'll charge you $1 Million pre-paid to attend online for 1 hour. A bargain.
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    I been calling your office trying to get in touch with you in regards remote day trading, unfortunately you are never there, left my number a couple of times, but my phone calls haven't been returned a little disappointed about the way you do business.
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    I guess Don's been spending a little too much time at Spearmint Rhino these days:)
  5. I take 30 calls a day, sorry if I missed yours. I am out on Fridays, and I did have my wisdom teeth pulled last week, but I'm here now...and didn't get a message..... call me. 702.739.1393

  6. If there is a more detailed agenda online anywhere, or you could post one here, that would be of interest.

  7. Not really, my guys are working on it, sorry.

    Don - we will have more at the outset of the webinar, you can listen in for a few minutes, decide to keep logged in or not.

  8. I just logged out of this huge waste to time.

    No wonder the Bright Trading parking lot is empty - no more fish, his commission structure and lack of viable methodology or technology killed them all.

    This wasted time was filled with nothing even interesting let alone useful. The first half was filled with some guy trying to sell fair value and premium and then we got a bunch of not very well thought out generalities of what everybody with any business being in the trading business would already know.

    Don Bright once told me that no software could help anybody trade or learn to trade. He also told me that nobody makes any money trading futures. Now he is saying day trading is dead and we have to become pro traders who might take up to weeks to adjust a position.

    Tough times for Luddites and in my opinion I have never met one who has so completely failed to keep up with changes in both his own industry and the technologies that support it.


    Is Prop Trading Dead?
    Joshua M BrownJuly 29th, 2012Is Prop Trading Dead?

    Or is it just the fact that most prop trading firms, as they are currently constituted (student pays to be taught, 1 in 20 kids graduates and becomes consistently profitable, traders are regulated by Finra as brokers, etc.), cannot survive without some evolutionary change?

    Have the algos finally finished their work, leaving almost no room to breathe for the human daytrader?

    I'm not an expert on this particular corner of the market, although I have many, many friends and acquaintances who are involved in some way, shape or form. There are two stories you should read on the topic if you're interested:
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    Did Don really say he has met no one who makes any money trading futures? I find it difficult to believe he said that. If he did, maybe I should introduce him to his brother. That's all he trades. :)

    And furthermore, if one is going to hold a position for days and weeks on end, what difference does it make if they are holding GE or oil futures?
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