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  1. Could an op let me know how can I change my user name?

    I just got a trading book in the mail from IB, and that is the last straw. I gotta change my nick... IB is not perfect, but they're damn good. Lean and efficient, and constantly trying to improve. That is all I ask for.
  2. you are easily impressed :-/
  3. Really? I think sending a $95 book, worth every penny and more , unasked, to it's customers bespeaks of something more than a money grab.

    I'm not so easily impressed but this was a very nice gesture. Guess you'll have to spend the $95 to find out, huh pussycat?
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  5. BFD! That book make a great beer coaster :-/
  6. No, I really don't consider myself easily impressed.

    BUT every other broker I have used was lacking in some way, and IB meets my needs. They offer an API so users can code their own trading tools, they offer a wide range of products including futures, stock, and options out on one account, they allow futures trading in IRA's. People complain about customer service, but I have had two "complicated" problems, and both times I was put in contact with people who could help me. The management takes polls to find out what users want then actually listen and implement desired features. I hate the three day rule for IRA stock trades, but I see their reasoning.

    I doubt they would or could make everyone happy. (and actually, I am glad they don't try) I am happy, though.

    I really just want to change my nick...
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    I think back to the other "gifts" I have received from previous brokers like bad fills, high fees and bad advice. I'd much rather get a book. :D
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    IB rocks. As does Warren.

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    so i get this book in the mail today. its huge and really nice. gonna read through it but at first glance it looks good. opened it up and the foreword says its a gift from IB. wow. never got that from a broker.
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    What is the three day rule for IRA accounts?It cant be that they wont let you bail out of a bad move.They dont let you use that capital for three days after closing a position?
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