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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jj90, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. jj90


    Does anyone know of any platform for FX or futures that allows for backtesting? I'm looking more on the FX side but don't mind futures.

    Data isn't too hard to find. Several sources, QT being the best I've seen yet, but hey if anyone has any suggestions, please share. The hard part is finding a platform that allows backtesting. The only one I've seen (for FX anyways), is the one at Haven't been able to find anything for futures.

    Any help is appreciated. The keyword in all this is FREE.
  2. jj90


    Just thought I'd bump this after awhile. I found SBFX4 for FX backtesting and FX data sources. Works pretty good for real time too.

    However, I'm still having trouble finding a similar platform for futures and data for that too. I got the trial version of NinjaTrader, but I don't see a backtesting function in that. Seems better for real time demo.

    As for equities, googling + search on ET yielded some interesting results for platforms and data. But it's either backtest only or RT demo, and I'm looking for both (platform+data).

    Anyone have better suggestions for a good trial/free platform + data feed for futures and/or equities with backtest capability/data and real time demo/data for practicing?
  3. Only eod, i just got into prorealtime and i like it:) Their scanner doesnt seem to support commodity futures though, so their backtest engine probably wouldnt either.
    I dont backtest, so it doesnt bother me.