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  1. I have cable modem. I want a free dial up back up for the extremely rare occasions when thr cable may go out. Are there any other free ISPs other than Netzero? Thanks
  2. most of the free ISP have gone under, those that are still around aren't worth it as backup for trading. I got a $10 per month ISP. Go to CNET.COM and search for ISP.
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    i did some search on this and i basically stayed away from net zero and juno, it just loads up too much crap, but i did find this check this one out, i signed up, they charge 5 bucks signup and you get 10 hours free and no ads! at least thats what they say, so if you have a cable modem chances are if it goes down you'll jump on back up isp and most likely just kill your positions and go away, if you want to keep trading on dialup then get something that is really realiable, heck maybe just pay up and get dsl, as backup. good luck.
  4. Many cable and DSL ISP's will also give dialup service included in your monthly bill. Be sure to check that out first before you try a free one (lotsa the free ones track internet usage, and send out potentially sensitive info god knows where - make sure you have a software firewall like norton or zonealarm) - otherwise I'd recommend you find a cheap one - there's lots of local companies that only charge $10 or less a month for unlimited dialup. Compared to a security risk (not to mention poor customer support from the freebies but you get what you pay for I guess) $10 is nothing. Actually, compared to almost anything $10 is nothing.
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    Your Access 4 Free sounds interesting. Since you said that you just signed up, let me know please what you think of it? Thanks
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    will do. i downloaded the file but havent set it up yet, i guess i will - haaa probably as soon as my cable craps out on me :D
    well maybe i'll check it out this weekend and give you an update.
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    I don't know whether you have roadrunner or not, but they offer dialup (free) as part of their package. They don't advertise it but if you call customer service, they direct you to a web page in which you can download the access phone numbers.
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    How about adelphia cable, anyone know if they have free dialup to customers? i couldnt find anything on their site.
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    I do have road runner and I will check it out. Thanks.
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    I am now connected to Road Runner's free dial up. Thanks a load.
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