Free ATM Express for Poor (AXP)

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  1. 1) Th credit card company could no longer predict who will default based on credit rating.

    2) Unlike 2001 when more than half of the Tax rebate helped to pay the credit card, the 160 Billion rebate failed to minimize the AXP loss for even one quarter.

    3) The card transaction goes up while retailers reporting decline purchase, are they going to pay back or they think AXP is free ATM machine?

    4) AXP is not on the government protection list, of course, the credit card company is blamed for encourage consumer spending without saving.

    5) BRKA is big share holder of AXP, BRKA didn't join the effort to bail out LTCM in 1998 (The only one else is BCS), does government want to punish WB?
  2. This is the only company government doesn't care if it fails, then American consumer won't have to pay the debit.
  3. Did some president candidate suggest that the credit card company should let go of the debit?

    Unlike Visa or Master which only help the banks to manage to credit, AXP has to depend on the credit rating to lend their own money...

    Credit is the magic word.
  4. Daal


    he did join the effort but legal problems made his proposal useless
  5. Actually, Barclays did participate for 300MM.

    It's BSC, Bear Stearns that didn't participate.