FREE ARB Opportunity!! come and get it FREE LUNCH!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Check it out before its gone.

    Short the Jan 2013 130 SPY put at the bid side (route short to NOM) at 14.15 bid

    Then close quick the transaction by routing your closing order to NYSE at 13.97

    Free lunch money folks. check it out.
  2. free lunch is over .. :mad:
  3. so how much did you make on that?
  4. AFAIK, the OCC will not allow any crossed market arbs to actually trade. It's been dead for going on 10 years now.
  5. I think LAC made a killing back in the day with the software. :D
  6. Did not trade it, it was only 2 lots :D

    Profit would have just been enough to buy lunch at a fast food place. I figured someone might want collect a free lunch :)
  7. Genius statement I tell you, genius. OCC clears the trades, provides expiration/settlement data for DTC. Not once has the OCC ever dictated whether something will trade or not.
  8. who has time to hunt for nickels?
  9. Non-directional traders with DMA.