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  1. Hello... I am a younger trader from Canada, about a year, profitable on small size and looking to scale/expand knowledge into new strategies. I primarily trade breakouts and mean reversions only on US exchange. I am seeking mentorship/guidance from an experienced trader to help further my trading, in exchange I can provide free admin/analyst work or anything I can be help of. Willing to relocate if needed.
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  2. What’s your background? Do you have experience with investment research?
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    Willing to relocate if needed? Provide free admin/analyst work? Mark my words...with an attitude like that, you have a good shot at making it in this game. Quite refreshing to see this in contrast with the typical noobie post.
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  4. What instruments do you trade? Systematic or discretionary?

  5. My background with regards to investments/equities is all independent. Bcomm if that counts for anything...
  6. I trade US equities, primarily small caps, I would say it is a mix but more on the discretionary side.
  7. Thank you for the kind words :)
  8. OK would like to help, but not really a fit for me

  9. No worries, just picked up your book... I'm sure it will help plenty!
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  10. How confident are you in:
    - your ability to trade
    - your ability to learn
    - your ability to research
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