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  1. Vestal, New York? Home of Binghamton University. Are you a student there? Interesting 100% of your posts so far are in this thread. No matter, if you are looking for option alerts, you may have come to the right place.

    While my question to the OP was not based on a burning desire to subscribe to a options timing service, I was curious to see what they have to offer. Option strategies can be complex, especially when seeking to profit beyond mere movement of the underlying.

    I could offer an options timing service, as can anyone else, no college degree required, complete with track record and professionally designed website, along with some value add that would aid customers finding above average opportunities, but I already have a job. If I were to ever trade full time professionally, I would be using my own timing signals and possibly customer funds.
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    Never mind, I see that the service is provided by another party.
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  3. thank you.
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    I took a look at the page, only win%, not actual win ratio; every loss is 100% though, LOL.
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