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    Option Fundamentals is a leading option alert service with an unmatched performance history. To prove this, we give ALL option traders a NO OBLIGATION-NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, FREE TRIAL.

    We realize there are many choices out there and we need to build your trust, so take a test drive and see for yourself why option traders choose us. We send out an average of 8 to 12 alerts a week, sign up before our next alerts go out.

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    Our Alerts are based off of REAL stock option fundamentals, and not hype from tips or opinions. You will average 38-45 Alerts a month via SMS, Email and Twitter notifications, along with any updates we feel necessary. Don’t worry if you didn’t receive your notification, you can always log in to the members area to view current notifications.
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  2. There are so many choices, so do you have any performance data for your options alerts?
  3. Bit of a raw marketing post of yours, but I’ll work with you.

    Give me a credibility statement, starting with telling me who you are. What is your background, including experience and some details about your offering.

    Perhaps consider providing a screenshot of a sample or prior report and maybe some “Value in advance” through providing some options trading wisdom or a useful options trading tool.

    I’m not looking to give out my email information to just anyone merely upon request.
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    Hi Mason, yes, you can go to our Performance History tab on our homepage, we post every position for the past three years, we are very transparent.
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    I understand where you are coming from, anyone can post a bunch of screenshots, use impressive words, etc. I would suggest just going to our website and search around and judge for yourself if you would like to get the alerts or not, I do appreciate your opinion.
  7. qlai


    Hello, I looked at website but it doesn’t really explain how you make your selections. Obviously, no proprietary info, but where is your edge coming from?

    Also, in FAQs it says that no purchases or sales are done automatically but you mention that you can hook up to IB. Do you mean alerts can be seen in TWS?
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    We have a small team that on average have been trading for 30 years, experience combined with certain formulas they have developed a system to narrow down opportunities. As far as the FAQ question, I'm not sure where you are seeing this on our site?
  9. destriero


    OK, so what are the signals. Straight puts/calls?
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    Correct, straight puts and calls, we leave strategies up to the individual traders.
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