Free AIG - Put a Bullet In Its Brain. Liberate the U.S. Tax Payer, Too.

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  1. Cut them loose.

    After asking for and getting 150 billion in tax payer dollars, now losing another 60 billion in the 4th Q, they are about to ask for more money.

    AIG is a toxic cesspool and a bottomless pit of malaria and ebola. It is a literal black hole, sucking up tax payer dollars.

    Set it free. Put a bullet in its brain. Liberate it from its own misery and spare tax payers further pain in the process.

    Oh, and public hangings - bring back public hangings, too.
  2. Illum


    I want to know who they are paying, or "we" are paying. Who is getting all this Aig money? GS? Some offshore Rothschild shit? Where is the paper trail on this horseshit?
  3. "Edward Liddy, the AIG chief executive appointed by the US Government, is hoping to sell about two thirds of AIG’s assets. "

    Sounds like an orderly bankruptcy to me, same thing with Citi, just saying.

  4. Illum


    It's actually worse than that

    "AIG May Abandon Asset-Sale Plan, Hand Stakes Directly to U.S. Government

    American International Group Inc. may scrap a plan to repay a $60 billion U.S. government loan by selling businesses, after failing to find enough promising bidders, said two people with knowledge of the matter."

    They give up, here ya go taxpayer enjoy.
  5. Too bad we loaned [aka GAVE] them $150 Billion. If we hadn't they wouldn't have had $60 Billion to lose.

    What about those who claimed "too big to fail"? Now they fail anyway?

    Any accountability here? Paulson? Bernanke?
  6. TGregg


    There's plenty of accountability. Unfortunately, it's all on our accounts. Once the press gets done glorifying The Obamassiah, he'll be ready for a brand spanking new trillion dollar stimul@$$ bill.

    By the time this is done, trillion will be the new billion.
  7. Banjo


    "Any accountability here? Paulson? Bernanke?"

    An endless pool of accountability: a 9 digit #known as your social security/tax payer i.d.