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  1. I'm writing an article on prop trading for a magazine. One section focuses on rebate trading. I'd like to interview a prop firm that specializes in rebate trading.

    PM me if you're interested.
  2. Miamifats


    Dude. That ended many years ago. You need to get with the times or is this a joke?
  3. Miamifats


    Dude. Rebate trading ended years ago. Is this a joke?
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    What makes you think Rebate Trading ended years ago?
  5. FWIW, IMO etc. LOL.

    Yes, most "rebate trading" in the older sense (ala Swift etc. ) pretty much ended in late 2009 with all the HFT "interference" and Flash orders etc. Our traders pretty much stopped "parking orders" - no real reason to provide liquidity when we could be "leaned on." We chose to hit bids and take offers at the cheapest destination. That paid off of course.

    Now, with the "inverse ECN's" who pay us to take liquidity, we use smart routing to take advantage of both sides - this is paying off extremely well.

    I am about 75% through with an article for TASC about all this. I have interviewed CEO's and others from the various exchanges, ECN's and market centers. Hope to be done early next week for April publication.

    As I said, FWIW...

  6. rebate trading isnt dead its evolved. the days of providing liquidity on "barcode" stocks for rebates are gone this is true. Try that now and your going to get swiped for all your shares and end up on the wrong side of the trade, not fun when your holding 100,000+ shares of SIRI or C. I could go into further detail as to how rebate trading can work in todays market however that would mean revealing parts of a strategy that STILL has an edge and I am not prepared to give that edge away.

    For the ones that do know congrats make a ton of money but keep the strategy to yourself or else everyone will jump on the bandwagon and the edge will diminish.
  7. could not agree more. Rebate trading is not dead just a lot different then it was before reg NMS. But those lucky few that know how to do it will not share what they are doing because we do not need to have everybody jump on board like what happened in the mid 2000's and kill the game