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    Learn the top 3 reasons most traders fail and what you can do immediately to avoid these mistakes
    • Top 3 questions to ask if you are considering a career as a professional stock trader
    • How to create a step-by-step plan to recognize and adapt to different market conditions
    • The small mindset shift that reveals how to be confident in your trade scenarios versus hoping your next trade will be "right"
    • How to recognize immediately if the BIG MONEY is involved in yourstocks right now
    • PLUS: Receive a FREE trial to our Virtual Trading Floor:
      The Virtual Trading Floor gives you a direct connection to T3 traders like Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler and Managing Partner Marc Sperling.
      This LIVE trading room is your 1-stop shop for live trade ideas and market intelligence from our team.
      Through our live audio, video, and chat feeds, you'll know exactly how our traders are attacking the market in real time.
    To start please visit:
  2. signed up but i dont see the access to the trading floor
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    You will receive an email in the next 3 days that will give you access to 14 days of The VTF as well as The T3 Trader newsletter. Please feel free to PM or email me with any questions.

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