Free $20 and Poker tournament for Vegas Traders Expo Trip

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    Attention Elite traders:

    I am no longer running my prop trading operation. I am now running an online poker site!

    If you come to our site in the next two weeks I will give you $20 in cash to play - when you generate $10 in rake - I will enter you in a tournament where the grand prize is a first class trip to the Traders Expo in Vegas in December!

    There are also other cash prizes. I know a lot of my old traders are poker players. This tournament will be a good opportunity to chat with other traders.

    Here is the link if you are interested:

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

    Bob Williams
  2. Bob Williams?!

    Bob Williams from Canada, who got robbed at gunpoint when he took me to a Toronto massage parlor? That Bob Williams?

    If yes, What's up bro! :D

    Edit: Just remembered, wasn't it me who introduced you to online poker in the first place? Apparently, something good did come out of our meeting after all.
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    Hi Metal,

    Thanks for the reminder. I have never been the same since that night.

    Trust you are still trading and playing your poker strategy. Hit this link and I'll give you $20 to play at PokerWorld.

    No... I'm not going to Vegas if you win. You have got me in enough trouble for a lifetime!

  4. yes hi im new to this site and it seems that this site has apoker tourney on poker world and its private so how do i get the password can some 1 tell me please.
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    Hey Dave,

    Always appreciate those who speak their mind.

    I hope your poker system is still netting you profitable returns. My guess is that maturation of the online poker customer is cutting into your previous P&Ls.

    As for PokerWorld:

    It is not a new site. It has been in business for two years and has a stable loyal customer base. People play here because it is a great social experience. There are some advantages to being smaller. Also our main business is the Olympic Sportsbook which has a massive database of players.

    As for aggregation of players:

    You are right there; it is very difficult no matter how many players that you have to get them all to come to the tables at the same time. We are in the process of joining together with other smaller poker rooms to be able to offer more products.

    As for running promotions:

    We will continue to run promotions and try to make them good value for the new players. Everyone gives away deposit bonuses and you are right it does get old. But I have had great uptake on this promotion already because its a good deal. Free money and a free trip is attractive!

    As for opening a site with zero rake:

    Just like any other business if you charge a fair fee for your service people will buy it. By offering zero rake you can not provide the service etc. that the customer wants and deserves.

    As for traders:

    Traders love to play poker. Most don't play to make P&Ls. Sure they all want to win but it is also entertainment. Imagine if you could play in a weekly tournament where you had a chance to "talk shop" with a bunch of other traders. That is where I would like to get to with this.

    Always a pleasure.

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    hey lovedapuss

    this is a private tourney for new accounts only. There is no password you are automatically put in the tourney when you sign up a new account

    use the elite bonus code

    and when you get 10 PW points ($10 in rake) you get put in the limited tourney for a trip to Vegas and the $2000
  7. I registered today, and will check for my $20 tomorrow...and hopefully play some heads up "sit and go" tourneys. "traderdb" - yes, an alias I use for poker, sorry.

    When I win the trip to Vegas, can I exchange it for cash (just kidding, of course, LOL)...

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    Hi Don,

    LOL ...I hope you win. Will be a cheap flight!

    If you win we will work something out... perhaps a Bellagio Tournament entry or the likes....

    Good to hear from you... hope you have a good experience!

  9. Be sure to leave Thursday, Dec 15th evening open...we're shuttling traders and others to our VIP reception/Holiday cheer at our office (right after the expo).

    My brother will be in the 5 Diamond at the Bellagio, we'll see if how far he makes it.

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    I will for sure look forward to it.

    Let your traders know about my promotion. Its a good way for them to get to the show!

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