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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by kazachok, May 11, 2007.

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    So this gyus are offering $100 free ( and claim that profits may be withdrawn while the initial gift deposit can not. Has anyone tried it? Is there some catch?
  2. You mean, is there another catch? How many catches do you generally like to see in your forex dealer?
  3. Is that site legit? If it is I'd give a shot. They ask for SSN upon registration, and that's something I'm not willing to give em.
  4. anyone do this?
  5. Chood


    I second this reply, which is all anyone should have to ask.

    I'll add my take anyway:

    The forex retailer making the offer won't ever have to pay off the 100, will it? Even the one in one hundred minnows who takes the bait and overcomes the retailer's pricing algorithms (and other dodginess) won't cash it out. Isn't that the catch? You can withdraw only profits, not the 100. For all the rest, that "free" 100 will be as clumsily and poorly lost as the customers' own money.
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    i was thinking about trying it until i decided to check them out on a website that allows anyone to post on their experiences. the site even allows the company to post. most mm do not like the site, especially if their ratings are not very flattering.

    i use the site as my first stop to check mm, software, services, etc...before i consider buying something or doing business with someone
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    I think forexbastards is a blackmailing service created to demand money from brokers. If brokers do not give them money they post bad things. In this light, their name speaks for itself.
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    Yeah, but I guess all registered brokers ask for your ID when you get a live account. Honestly, what can they do with my ID? They are NFA-regualted for Christ sake.
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    I don't know about where you live, but in the USA (most if not all states; at least the ones I have knowledge of) blackmail is a felony and carries pretty stiff criminal penalities. Plus, if your statement were even remotely true I am sure the firms would have their corporate counsel inform the legal authorities and seek civil penalities as well.
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    Ok, maybe you can explain to me why this happened: I tried to post something on forexbastards. What they did they left my name and completely changed the review I wrote to say exactly the opposite. Not that I care about the broker who I wanted to give a review of, but it did suggest to me that there is something totally fishy about that felix dude.
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