Free $100.00--whats the catch

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by marketsurfer, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. pupkin


    I think you can't do anything useful with $100 anyway, can you?

    And they probably won't allow you to withdraw it, so there is no catch.

    Just a hunch.

  2. yeah, that was my guess. just wanting to see if anyone actually tried it. thanks, surf
  3. Dleiman


    How did you find it? I didn’t see this offer on their website..
    That’s the right way to try this firm. Did you see the girl on the main page? Ah-ha-ha :)

  4. why dont you click on the link i posted above--it takes you to the free 100.00 page. surf
  5. Probably? hunch? It says so right there, in black on white:

    "Profits made with incentive funds may be withdrawn, but incentive funds may not."

    Considering that their minimum trade size is 1 mini-lot (10,000 units), $100 will definitely go a long way toward making the aforementioned "profits."

    The underemployed American actress / model / spokesperson is really cute, though, and delivers her lines with certain panache, despite the dreary material she has to work with. Instead of $100, they should offer a date with her to new customers (minimum account size and/or transaction volume applies). That'll put'em on the map fast.
  6. Dleiman


    Don't think so.. The minimum trading size is 1,000 units i.e ten times less. I think they just trying to be agressive on the start and offers real-demo account.. Looks iteresting for me.
  7. KS96


    i am more interested in their chicks.... good choice!
  8. pupkin


    Well, right.

    In theory, so called "chicks" are the very reason you're bothering about trading.

    But in practice, FXClub most likely is not the best place to look for them.
  9. Many, if not most, of the links on their website are broken (always confidence-inspiring...), so I couldn't verify that. For example, click on "Learn More Now" here:


    If that is, in fact, the minimum trade size, my mistake, that's much better. With micro-lots, that $100 might last a whole week instead of a day.
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