Freddie Mac acting CFO found dead at home

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  1. What happened ?:confused:
  2. Who knows
  3. GTS


  4. damn...

    condolences to the family.

    I hope that shithead politician that recommended retention bonus collectors / bailout recipients commit suidice feels at least a little like an ass...
  5. many traders i know are already planning similar actions
  6. AK100


    Maybe he found something that he 'shouldn't have'.

    Maybe that's the reason for his 'suicide'........
  7. Bob111


    no wonder they bankrupt..bunch of kids running the company
  8. Suicide according to reports.
  9. Watch how the media sweeps this under the rug. I doubt you here one peep.
  10. it says a lot about what's going on in corporate america
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