Fred Thompson's campaign chair: Spencer Abraham

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    NOBODY more open borders than 'father of the H-1b visa' Spencer Abraham

    Fred Thompson = John McCain
  2. The buzz around town already is that thompson has peaked. His wife apparently is heavily involved in running the campaign, which prompted a couple of staffers to leave. His campaign is full of Republican Party establishment types. Now this Abraham news, which seems to send an odd message. Spence Abraham served with Thompson in the Senate and was a pretty reliable conservative on most issues, but his appointment makes me question Thompson's committment on the immigration issue. The fact is however, that all of the dem's are for open borders, so any republican will be an improvement over what they offer.

    The bigger problem for Thompson is he needs to retain the excitement he initially generated, and he isn't doing it. Everyone is aware that his political career has been a story of unexploited potential, so people are anxious that he might fizzle out again.

    Personally, I still see Thompson as the favorite. Guiliani will never win southern primaries, and Romney has VP written all over him. Thompson may not be the hardest worker in politics, but few can give a speech like he can. He alone among the candidates has the capacity to get the base energized.
  3. i know this sounds crazy but lets try a non-CFR president for a change. the CFR openly calls for the destruction of the United States of America... call me silly but this rubs me the wrong way.
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    Fred Thompson sucks - Spense Abraham is a natural pick for him

    Here's fred's numbersusa record

    Importing Specific Foreign Workers

    Voted for a foreign worker bill with no anti-fraud measures in 2000.
    Sen.Thompson voted for S.2045, the Abraham foreign worker bill to nearly triple the number of foreign high-tech workers. On the heels of the release of a GAO report finding no proof of a high-tech worker shortage and evidence of abuse in the H-1B program, Sen. Thompson voted for this foreign worker bill that contained no worker protections or anti-fraud measures. The bill passed the Senate 96-1.

    As Committee member,
    produced H-1B doubling bill in 1998
    Sen. Thompson was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that created the Abraham H-1B doubling bill in 1998, S.1723. He voted with the 12-6 majority to send the bill to the floor of the Senate without safeguards for American workers.

    Nearly doubled H-1B foreign high-tech workers in 1998
    Sen. Thompson helped the Senate pass S.1723 in a 78-20 vote. Enacted into law, it increased by nearly 150,000 the number of foreign workers high-tech American companies could hire over the next three years. Although the foreign workers receive temporary visas for up to six years, most historically have found ways to stay permanently in this country. Sen. Thompson voted for more foreign workers even though U.S. high tech workers over the age of 50 were suffering 17% unemployment and U.S. firms were laying off thousands of workers at the time.

    Voted in committee against including
    worker safeguards in H-1B bill in 1998
    Sen. Thompson joined 9 of his Senate colleagues to keep employee safeguards from inclusion in S.1723. A Kennedy-Feinstein Amendment would have accomplished two important goals: ensuring no American was laid off or displaced prior to hiring an H1B employee; and, that employers demonstrate they had previously taken timely and effective steps to hire a qualified American. 10 Senators helped defeat this amendment.

    Voted to allow firms to lay off Americans
    to make room for foreign workers in 1998
    Before the Senate passed the H-1B doubling bill (S.1723), Sen. Thompson had an opportunity to vote for a measure requiring U.S. firms to check a box on a form attesting that they had first sought an American worker for the job. Sen. Thompson voted against that, joining those who said the requirement would give government too much authority over corporations’ right to hire whomever they please from whatever country.

    Voted to allow firms to lay off Americans
    to make room for foreign workers in 1998
    Before the Senate passed the H-1B doubling bill(S.1723), Sen. Thompson had an opportunity to vote for a Kennedy amendment that would have prohibited U.S. firms from using temporary foreign workers to replace Americans. Sen. Thompson opposed that protection. The Amendment failed 38-60.

  5. fred also was instumental in lobbying for scooter "war criminal" libby's commutation. fred loves illegal wars and truly hates his country. he is an all star filthbag. he lobbies for abortion but then lies about it till billing records uncover his deceptions.
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    he's a peer of John Edwards in his ability to fool people about what he really is
  7. they are all CFR candidates... sorta like stepford wives. of all except Ron Paul. vote for one of these CFR clowns and just get more of the same. can you say AMERO??? sure i knew you could.

    yes.. Edwards, hillary, Obama, mccain, etc they are all the same. just one big happy CFR family. the CFR was started by Rockefeller and in his book he brags about his goals of tearing down this country and ending her sovereignty.

    these candidates shouldnt be shunned.. they should be arrested and brought to trial.
  8. LT,

    I'm as vigilant as anybody on immigration, but we have to acknowledge that some immigration issues are more important than others. 150,000 well-educated Indians on Hi-B visas do not pose the threat that 20 million mexicans laborers do. I am not in favor of H1-B abuses, but these bills are the kind of stuff that is hard to refuse for pol's. Hard if you ever want to get any campaign contributions, that is.
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    It's not an issue until you've had to train POORLY educated indians and Chinese when you know well educated experienced American citizens friends who cant find a job

    I've been there first hand, and it made me want to puke
  10. I understand your point of view. I find it particularly upsetting in that they are replacing Americans who did the "right" thing, ie got themselves educated in science and technology. How can we get college kids to take the tough disciplines like engineering if they see people who did that getting laid off in favor of foreigners?
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