Fred Thompson: Failure to Launch?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I saw the interview with Hannity last night. Close to a total disaster. They started with the two young kids on Fred and wife Jeri's laps. OK, we get it, family values. Frankly, the whole young pert wife and young kids make him look even older and risks Guiliani-like creepiness. He mumbled and stumbled through the interview. He's somehow also gotten into a fued with Dr. James Dobson, who's only the single most respected figure in the Evangelical/family values part of the party. Other than his wife being ambitious, I don't really understand why he's even running. His heart sure doesn't seem into it.

    He needs to dig out some old Reagan tapes. Maybe he could appreciate the difference between being a leader and playing one in the movies. Sheesh, this stuff is not that hard. But his whole Fred the family man thing is just not making it. People want charisma. If you are a celebrity, you'd better use it and then of course, you have to live up to it by giving speeches that make the party activists' blood pound. So far, he is reminding me of Britney. Out of shape, out of tune, no energy.

    He has a debate coming up, and all I can say is, he'd better just have people standing on the backs of their seats wildly cheering or he is done. Fred, since your campaign seems totally ineffective, I'm going to help youand give you a few lines for the debate.

    Gun control. "As a great American said, 'from my cold, dead fingers.' "

    Taxes. "Cut them. The problem is not revenues, its spending. You cannot tax your way to prosperity."

    Government. "the problem, not the answer."

    Iraq. "In hindsight a mistake. Perhaps a noble mistake, but a mistake. But we have to deal with the now. Abandoning Iraq to al qaeda is unthinkable, at least for me. "

    You get the idea. Now show us that tough guy from the Clancy movies, not mommy Fred.
  2. I agree! It was painful to watch. Typical actor! Without a script they're pretty much lost.
  3. Saw it as well, yes Fred looked very very old next to his 40 yr old wife. He doesn't stand a chance, and then considering his record on illegal immigration and the fact that he has some reconquista slob amongst his campaign staff, makes him no different than Hillary to me.