freaking amazing or pure garbage???

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  1. Is this band freaking amazing or pure garbage??

    my opinion is they are amazing---incredibly precise yet chaotic. napalm death meets depeche mode-----

    may I present the future of Rock and Roll, lady and germs:


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  2. WTF is wrong with you? Oh, wait, I know. :)

  3. everything is soooo boring these days, what happened to experimentation, daring to be unique and being original??

    it's brilliant, i tell you, brilliant!!

    surf:D :) :D :cool:
  4. mature, indeed.

  5. the insurgency began and you missed it.


  6. I looked for it and I found it

  7. let's begin the begin.....

  8. I wanna know what atticus thinks of this music.
  9. Banjo


    Your infarcts must be coming more frequently. Those clowns weren't doing anything any high school kid couldn't do. Practice riffs fused together. The singer was especially stunningly talented, a Julliard product no doubt. If your interested in atonal music history there is a world acclaimed artist in the field. John Cage , watch some of these videos.

    The really interesting posit here is wether or not your band's style flys in the market place. It's remincient of the tribal war music found in all cultures past, just wild non melodic sounds, in an effort to get geared up for the coming insanity of slaughtering each other. As our species devolves into self destruction maybe it will turn out to be subliminally correct. Popular music is more of a harbinger of the future, a leading indicator of sorts, than is generally recognised.

  10. banjo, don't worry--- no blood supply restrictions here. no need for the initial personal attack-- the rest of your post is well taken and erudite.

    my thoughts are these guys are about 3-5 years ahead of popular culture. i find the sound to be anything but atonal and non melodic played by skilled musicians. i do like your tribal war music analogy, but this is way beyond that with the tempo and melody change ups. this is highly sophisticated material.

    just because you don't like something, does not make it bad art--- you of all people should know this....


    ps. thank you for the john cage material---interesting--a true original. i have heard the name, but never really knew about him. thanks again!
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