Freak this market

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Aaron Copland, May 9, 2008.

  1. This grind is not for me. No direction what so ever. My brokers is getting rich not me. Churn churn churn going no were.
  2. Don't worry, your broker doesn't make a dime on your paper trading.
  3. dont you have a wife or girlfriend you could complain to rather than us?

  4. STFU
  5. I suggest a good sharp cheddar with that whine.
  6. jho


    Instead of complaining, why not:

    A) Find a different market to trade when this one is slow.

    B) Work on a new strategy to profit from this type of market.
  7. I have a great strategy, do nothing. Wait for some direction. As far a trading another market I do have a long position in USDCHF and will add to it on dips.

    Stocks index futures, not right now. Commodities a little to leggy for me.

    You guys have at the index futures, good luck.
  8. grind? spare me.

    imo, this is a great trading market. *if* you have methodologies that work in this kind of market.

    if your trading is limited to ONLY being able to trade one character of market, then yes it sucks. but there is immense profit potential out there in the dow if you have robust methodology.

    i am more concerned with the market offering good risk:reward trade opp's , personally, and this market is a DREAM imo.

    stop complaining and either work on developing an edge in this type of market OR seek out others (commodities, whatever) that suit your narrow methodology, or sit on your hands and protect capital
  9. Isn't the market usually flopping around? The best strategy - with VERY small positions, using indexes - buy weakness SLOWLY, scale out into strength. No stops.
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