FRE, FNM, mortgage REITS ?

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  1. I'm thinking these real estate mortgage exposed companies are looking a bit scary for longs. Anybody else see it that way ?
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    Freddie down 10...Fannie down 3

    What would give you that idea???:confused:
  4. I tried to get this thread going 2 months ago, nobody was interested, now the shit has hit the fan.
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    Good article...thanks.
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  8. Cooking the books is never good, but keep in mind that senior management in this case is accused of underreporting profits. FNM and FRE's growth has been real. After a few days to let the dust settle, might be a good time to buy them.
  9. fuck FRE- that p.o.s cost me THOUSANDS today!!!!
  10. how do you know their growth has been real if they have been cooking the books ????
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