Fraudulent Advertising

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by taodr, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. taodr


    Just seen another ad for Cyber saying trades only "$9-95" One has to make so many trades a month to qualify how can they be allowed to advertise this way. Another fallacy the law should get after.
  2. Dustin


    You'd only have to do 5 trades a day with CyberX2 to get that rate...
  3. All advertising is fruadulent...or at the very least, deceptive.
  4. not sayin i agree with it, but maybe they can get away with it because it is technically true. :confused: i agree the conditions to get that rate should also be stated when advertised, if they are currently not.
  5. rcreal


    Can't count the number of times I hear
    "Our biggest sale of the year!"

    LOL ... being from a marketing background, I appreciate both sides ...
  6. Rigel


    A synonym.
  7. Speedtrader has 9.99 trades and that does exist but that doesn't include the ecn fees which are pretty good.

    Read the fine print and follow the astericks. Any way anybody liked my call of 8000 for the down and bounce. How about that. Elaine Grazziass eaat your heart out. Man Im beginning to sound like Waxie.

    :D :D :D

    Benjamin capital is coming back soon
  8. True about Cyber, but that doesn't include the other nickle and dime stuff that gets tacked on.