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    I just wanted to warn everyone of a new fraud going around right now. Last night I got the following email.

    Dear Citibank Account Holder,

    On January 10th 2004 Citibank had to block some accounts in our system connected with money laundering, credit card fraud, terrorism and check fraud activity. The information in regards to those accounts has been passed to our correspondent banks, local, federal and international authorities.

    Due to our extensive database operations some accounts may have been changed. We are asking our customers to check their checking and savings accounts if they are active or if their current balance is correct.

    Citibank notifies all it's customers in cases of high fraud or criminal activity and asks you to check your account's balances. If you suspect or have found any fraud activity on your account please let us know by logging in at the link below.

    Click Here To Login

    The first thing that made me suspect of this entire email was that I have never in my life had an account with Citi. When you click on the site, its done very well, it takes you to a mirror site that looks exactly like citi's. But then right away its asking you for all your critical ATM info, number, expiration, name, PIN etc.
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    Oh my.....I guess I am lucky and never get any of these scams delivered to my mailbox. The advent of the internet has sure
    developed a new kind of thief....:eek:
  3. Nothing new, Paypal security has been targeted this way at least a few times. Old news...
  4. Just make sure you don't "login" to any financial or any other sensitive account through email links.

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