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    Warned the person to correct the falsified track record on their website to reflect reality 5 minutes before notifying the SEC.

    What do you think?

    What he said: They were using an analyst on a trial basis (posting the results to the website, though, obviously), and he didn't work out, so they deleted all his trades... But yes, that he would have kept them if they had worked out.
  2. What the Hell are you talking about?
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    an online technical analysis advisory service
  4. ????????????
  5. what planet are you from?
  6. Hmmm, I might be wrong here, but mutual funds have been doing similar things for ages with their "fund incubators." Start 100 little funds, some will by chance outperform everything, report the results of those to attract new "performance chasing" investors.
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    You want the name of a real fraud right here on ET? Just PM me, and I'll spell it out for you - until then, his initials are M.S.
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    Please, do not drink and post anymore :)

    No, seriously, I think you need serious help. As soon as possible.
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    I am shocked that a Sunday School teacher would make such a charge.

    Perchance you are not aware that it is written: Judge not, least you be judged...
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