Fraud @ WCOM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bachelier, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. js1257


    Employees of the pentagon were charging everything on their pentagon credit cards. Going on spending sprees that they will not have to pay back. People for the dept of education did almost the same thing, they just stole money and were out buying 50 thousand dollar cars.
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  2. mrktrend


    I hope to see one of those CEO's be put in the jail soon. It's highly unlikely but I wish they pass some kind of new laws to make these criminals cough up their own bank account. It doesn't belong to them anyway... Maybe that'll teach people like Martha a lesson.
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  3. puhleez. Everyone loved them when the market was going up 20% per if that can't be done without smoke and mirrors.
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  4. Josh_B


    Well.. if you have enough $$$ and power, with enough "contributions" to your friendly congressmen you just about pass any law you want. That way, you can technically get away with any type of moral or ethical crime maybe even more. Not to mention that you can get the proper legal and accounting team together to assist the process afterwards.

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  5. js1257


    In the enron scandal the last ceo's wife was being interviewed and was saying they were broke. Flat ass broke. A news team went around the town they live in and was showing all the real estate rental properties they own,only 10 million dollars worth. Now talk about broke.
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  6. do you know how much the bank owns?
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  7. Actually restitution is mandatory in fraud cases. FWIW
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  8. that'll keep the lawyers bizzy for a while.
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  9. It seems the US AG's are pushing the boundaries of the RICO Act, why don't they use it against these individuals and organizations?
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  10. cause they only use it against people against whom the case isn't really clear.
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