Frantic Buying

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  1. I've seen this before, been there done that.

    we are in the last phases of the up trend rally, getting long is financial suicide at this point. Anyone who even thinks the market will continue to keep going up is a newbie rookie or a complete tool.

    last transfer of money will be by the rookie chasers.

    I don't give a crap how much higher it goes up...NO WAY JOSE.

    good luck all
  2. The market can and will go much higher on continued government manipulation.
  3. not before it takes a substantial drop, DOW to 8000 and S and P back to 850.

    getting in or staying now is financial suicide. chasers are chasing, dumb money is getting scared they will miss the next uptrend.

  4. Nexen


    Market can do whatever it wants.

  5. Nexen


    What if dumb money instead thinks they will miss the next leg down?

  6. from a statistical stand point, it's financial suicide to be in at this point.

    with all vindication, it's time for longs to get the F out!!

  7. shorts have tried at least 15 times and has completely failed. They will get a bone soon.

  8. why do you care?
    you posting here makes me want to go long.
    Or are you just saying this because you went short 1 ES at 914 and you want us to help?
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    I dont comprehend why someone would buy GS of BAC after running up over 100% in only a 2 months, there will be a pullback, as soon as people get that 1st feel of a triple digit down day they will back off, there will be a nice solid 3-4% drop in the indexes coming, nothing goes up forever, will you be able to buy this market at much lower prices? OF course. People were selling everything just 2 months ago, today they are tripping over each other to buy, buy, buy, nothing has changed over the last 2 months, the economy is still declining and will continue to for years to come.
  10. wow I am literally responding to what they call a "bag holder". Here comes the frantic buyers!!!

    I am not short and was never short, I was LONG from two months ago.

    guys like me are the ones who have just sold to YOU today, or are about to sell to u today. Great stuff, top quality, made in Italy!!! 100 percent pure leatherette!

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