Franklin Raines to get Bonus for Job-Well-Done!!

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    " WASHINGTON, July 3 (Reuters) - Former Fannie Mae top executives Franklin Raines and Timothy Howard are set to receive bonus payouts under the mortgage finance company's recently announced compensation plan, sources familiar with the deal said Tuesday.

    The former chief executive and chief financial officer, who resigned in December 2004 as an accounting scandal was breaking, are eligible for bonuses under a long-term incentive program, the sources said. The company disclosed details of the compensation plan, which was suspended during the company's accounting troubles, in a regulatory filing June 21. "

    Such a tiny little news story. Almost fell under the radar.....

    I want a job where I can screw up big-time and get paid big-bucks too!!!
  2. harry11


    LOL pretty surprised that happened..
  3. harry11


    LOL pretty surprised that happened.