Frank Dilernia's Methodology

Discussion in 'Trading' started by don555, May 12, 2011.

  1. don555


    Hi is there anyone here who is familiar with Franks methods in their forex trading.
  2. I spent a few years in a trading room with frank quite a few years ago . Have read some of his earlier work but nothing recent , i certainly got a lot from frank but his writing style and methodology expalanations were rather vague .

    Lots of range analysis on multiple time frames with a focus on identifying trends and points inside trends where prices rotate back to .

    Ive used a lot of franks ideas and combined them with my own to develop my own system . Its not really as complicated as frankiedee makes it . Well worth a look if you can get a handle on it , warning its a bit of a riddle and the ephipany moment might take a long time to come