France welcomes, appeases Lybia's Gaddafi

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  1. Gaddafi - a brutal dictator, welcomed by a son of Israel who is now PM of France (Sarkozy).

    Read his terror crimes here:

    (how's that ole War on Terror going - good lord if you are not convinced that criminals are running our world, what will it take?
    USA silent on this issue, I am sure - can't speak against Israel's son).


    Not everyone in France was as at ease about the visit as the presdident seemed, however.

    Rama Yade, the country's Secretary of State for Human Rights, said France should demand "guarantees" on human rights from its visitor.

    "Colonel Gaddafi must understand that our country is not a doormat on which a leader, terrorist or not, can come and wipe the blood of his crimes off his feet. France should not receive this kiss of death," he said.

    While Gaddafi has not been in France for 34 years, his son Hannibal has made quite an impact there.

    The 28-year-old playboy triggered a major diplomatic incident in Paris two years ago when he was arrested for allegedly punching his pregnant girlfriend and wrecking a hotel suite.

    He had to be arrested by armed police at the Paris Intercontinental, but was later released on bail.

    Six months earlier he was pulled over for driving his Porsche at 70mph down the Champs-Elysees.

    Two years before that, Hannibal was arrested for attacking three Italian policemen with a fire extinguisher while on holiday in Rome.

    In all the incidents, he successfully claimed diplomatic immunity and no charges were ever brought.

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  2. Are you sure about the spelling of "Lybia"? I thought it was "Labia".
  3. a side note, nothing to do with Gaddafi, but... quoting the Daily Mail on anything is pretty much the same as using as a reputable news source.