France to propose $420 bln European bank bailout fund

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  1. Oh, what do you know. Europe is not immune? No more decoupling? :cool:

    France to Propose EU300 Billion Europe Bank Fund
    Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- France plans to propose a 300 billion-euro ($422 billion) bank-rescue fund for the European Union at a meeting of government leaders this weekend, Reuters reported, citing an unidentified European government source.

    In an interview to be published tomorrow in Germany's Handelsblatt, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said France would propose an EU-wide fund.

    ``What will happen when a smaller European Union member state is threatened with a banking failure?'' Lagarde was quoted as saying. ``It may not have the resources to save the company. This is where a European rescue package becomes a possibility.''
  2. Germany went fucking nuts when they heard about it.
  3. Your source for this?
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  6. Thank you. God bless the Germans!
  7. French says this is not so!!!
  8. Reminds me of when I saw my first boob.