France - The fence pole is stuck up your B*tt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bruto Blukowski, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Not that this will ever happen, but France needs to make a choice of what side of the fence they are going to camp on. Although sitting on the fence as a blathering country seems to be bringing them the greatest pleasure and political suicide...errr..I mean political correctness.

    In January this was the headline for what France's warning was to terrorists:

    Chirac: Nuclear Response to Terrorism Is Possible

    President Jacques Chirac said Thursday that France was prepared to launch a nuclear strike against any country that sponsors a terrorist attack against French interests. He said his country's nuclear arsenal had been reconfigured to include the ability to make a tactical strike in retaliation for terrorism.

    So now they move on to the country they hate and despise the most - Israel. Israel's response to terrorism is "disproportionate."
    One word that has absolutely no relevance, but the entire world runs around scratching their collective heads in a collective frenzy trying to anchor a definition to what is "disproportionate."

    We'll use nuclear weapons for retaliation that will magically kill only the enemy while sparing the "innocent civilians" during a war, but Israel is using "disproportionate" force in fighting for their survival while Israeli cities burn.

    Good luck France. Nice knowing you. Will look for the annual fall riots.

    Looking forward to the upcoming headline that reads:

    EuroDisney unveils the newly veiled Disney characters - M*ickey M*use with a full beard and M*nnie in a stunning full lenth black Burka.