France plans 'eco-tax' for air fares

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Jul 9, 2019.

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    I am not sure if they will be able really to implement these taxes. There was certainly a lot of negative developments, including demonstrations against increase in taxes in France during last couple of months. So, they are probably trying to implement it now at least in air industry
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    This type of tax is small...trying to break in the masses to get them use to what's to come that will be bigger. :(

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    Governments all over the world are getting creative on taxation.

    Taxation under any name is still taxation, but "sin" tax is easier for people to accept. Helping the environment? Even better.
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    If you want to fly on an airliner, you have to use fossil fuels. Sorry, France, you cannot escape it. So stop trying to tax it. Assholes.

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    This is sold as an environmental tax but the proceeds will just go to the African slums in Paris. This will also ensure that Paris won't be a hub.
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    And here is the most bullshit line ever said by any regulatory body, EVER, in the history of forever...

    "The European Union says that without any action, CO2 emissions from aviation are set to grow by up to 300% by 2050."

    Wot? By what magic wand did they wave that number out of their ass? THREE HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE in 30 years? Hmmm!

    Are aircraft engines going to suddenly get so much LESS efficient? Do they think that that many more people are going to fly to increase emissions that much? We can't even get enough planes in the air NOW to accommodate the traffic. And when we do, we do dumb shit like fly a plane half-full because we don't know how to schedule flights correctly on our hub system all around the world.

    The jamokes are smoking the shrooms. They are all white-rabbiting their world. We must not let them infect the world of sense and sensibilities. Jesus H. Christ. Who the hell ARE these people?

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    The number is probably correct. Hundreds of millions of Indians and Chinese will start flying regularly plus all other developing countries.

    New airports are being built all the time. Turkey opened a new, bigger airport in Istanbul just recently. Beijing's new big airport just opened as well. Terminals are under construction everywhere.

    You might have a focus on the west which is largely stagnant/experiencing small growth but elsewhere in the world it's booming.
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    Sorry man, 300% increase in carbon emissions from airline traffic is NOT HAPPENING in 30 years.
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    And they are all flying to Paris.
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