France goes conservative!

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  1. A zionist and a leftist?? They tried to push that to cover all of their bases.

    In my opinion and that of many Jews; a zionist and a leftist is an oxymoron....Pure and simple.
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  2. It does get dumber, and I just quoted it.

    I don't expect retards like you to figure it out, nor do I expect pigs like Pabst to want to understand it (it's against his selfish wishes).

    Really, you can observe this occuring LIVE in a world superpower, yet you cannot figure why something good for the market can put a nation into third world category?

    And then people wonder decades later how the masses get so easily manipulated into digging their own graves.
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  3. Sam321


    Poppycock. You know Middle East Islamist/poverty infiltration into Europe is a major factor. The Middle East is exporting its poor into Europe like a bat out of hell.

    The French are good at this image of liberalism, but their revolution was inspired by the same things that inspired the American Revolution, and even the French are human beings who in times need to protect what they have and what is French.

    Everybody knows how the Left sells out tradition and culture to peddle immigrants from other cultures like whores and pimps because, after all, any socialist politician depends on the constant influx of indoctrinated and dependent social classes based on something that unifies them, like race, ethnicity, or some unionized trade --even if they hate the French, the Americans, and the West.

    A bunch of Arabs stampeding into Europe calling their children Osama and looking the other way when their boys become “at age” and torch cars may excuse this mayhem with their un-French philosophies and concepts, but obviously the majority of French disagree.

    The dude won. Live with it.
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  5. traderob

    Of the 3,900,000 residents, less than 20 percent are citizens, with foreign workers from South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe comprising the remaining population. The vast majority of UAE's foreign workers and citizens practice Islam, the state religion, with the Sunni sect predominating; there are also small groups of practicing Hindus and Christians.

    Political parties are prohibited in the UAE, and rights of assembly and association are limited.

    Foreign women who marry male UAE citizens are granted citizenship; however, female citizens are not permitted, under any circumstances, to transfer their nationality to their foreign-born husbands. A UAE woman national, in fact, is forbidden by law to marry a foreign man, and a 1996 law requires her to give up her citizenship if she marries a non-Gulf citizen
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  6. All workers are granted work residency permits. There are "workers" who happened to live there for the past 30-40 years.

    These so called "workers" were at least given the chance to grow and prosper and retire off our back

    If I am going to use Osama321 idiotic logic, the following statement will apply;

    "In the last few years, we have seen an influx of Europeans and Americans trying to infiltrate Arab rich states in an attempt to steal local jobs blah blah blah blah."

    Buddy, you are nothing but lazy bitches! you want to whine about any job that is given to anyone that is not white but you do not mind your fellow whites stealing Arab jobs in the Middle East.

    It is a known fact that British and French expats will ONLY HIRE British and Frenchmen.

    There are so many jobs that an Arab graduate from an American university, with American experience could not get because the manager of the department happened to be an English man who decided to hire a waaaaaaaaaaay less qualified british kid.

    You wanna talk about ghettos in France? While you are at it, talk about the European's gated communities swallowing the best beaches and real estate in that state.

    You want to throw the underdog with stones? Be ready for the underdog to throw stones back at ya.
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  7. This is why I'm not a leftist Wael.

    Stealing peoples money through taxation for the "noble" purpose of wealth distribution is the type of ideology that leads to people (i.e.Zionists) stealing land (i.e. Palestine) for the "noble" purpose of protection and manifest destiny.

    In other words if you say my paycheck is yours then expect someone to say your land is theirs. Get it?

    Freedom must be absolute.

    When one hears of government imposing policy for the public good you can bet against the preservation of individual rights.
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  8. Cesko


    I don't expect retards like you to figure it out, nor do I expect pigs like Pabst to want to understand it (it's against his selfish wishes).

    I don't need to be figuring out anything (unlike you). In Eastern Europe there were no free markets, we had "5 year plans" . Gee now you are gonna tell me it was different back then. Stupid fuck!

    Superpower does what any other country in the same category does, that's what you are not getting idiot.

    Bottom line, go vote with your feet like I did. I bet you are never gonna do it cretin.
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  9. You are the first one to shut me the fuck up!!!

    But let me tell you this, When I say that I care for the underdog; I am seeking the same freedom for these underdogs that you are.

    Zionists have diluted this concept for their own advantage Pabst. You will see a Zionist taking refugees from Darfour yet it is the same Zionist who will remove by force Palestinians out of their homes and dump them on surrounding borders.

    They will stand infront of the camera, spread their angelic wings and give a compassionate smile while feeding a starved Darfourian child. As soon as the camera is gone, they'll shove these kids in concentration like camps (It is already being done) and continue their ethnic cleansing practice.

    I do not swim that way Pabst. When I support people and nations in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and South East Asia, I support them based on my moral and ethical stands. I will support them even against my own nations if the case needs be.

    I do not change colors based on my own interests.

    Finally, if there is a system, not neccesry government forced wealth distribution system, that will assure me the the most vicious in our society (Multi national corporations) will not have the tools and the ability to monopolize whole nations and governments for their own interest, then I am all for it.

    It is not the fault of that underdog to try to protect himself from the viciousness of these multi national parasites.
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  10. Lol the tool is forced taxation?

    Money buys power, power buys money, of course the powerful elements within a society wins the fight for money collected through forced taxation.

    Why is it so obvious that politics and religion should be held separate but not politics and money?
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