France furious over S&P ‘downgrade’ error

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  1. France demanded an inquiry after a leading rating agency mistakenly suggested on its website that it had downgraded the country’s prized triple A credit rating, sparking a sell-off in Paris’ government bonds.

    French markets regulator AMF said it had opened an investigation into the error by Standard & Poor’s. This followed a demand by François Baroin, finance minister, for an inquiry by the European financial markets authority and AMF.

    This was not an error. Why only "France"? I wouldn´t be aware of any computer glitch specified to country parameters...
  2. C6H12O6


    i agree
    maybe has something to do with this ?
    LONDON | Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:05pm GMT
    (Reuters) - The European Union next week unveils its third broadside against credit rating agencies since the financial crisis began, and this time the Big Three face a direct hit where it hurts.
  3. agree. that was not an error.

    the downgrade news is now priced in
  4. Call me paranoid, but looks like a veiled threat of blackmail...

    You stay out of our nice business, or we send you the way of Greece...