France eyes layoffs clampdown as unemployment climbs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Jun 8, 2012.

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    The idea seems not unlike banning short selling to me.

    Are the companies supposed to go bankrupt paying salaries and benefits for workers they don't need or can't justify?
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    Max E.

    Brilliant thinking Sapin......

    Of course, the easiest way to avoid this new expense is to simply move your ENTIRE company right the fuck out of the country......

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    They'll ban that, too. Capital controls..
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    Yep, what will happen is business owners will deliberately drive their businesses into the ground Kamikaze style while removing assets under the table. Induced bankruptcy.

    France just commited harakiri. New hiring will be absolutely eliminated. It seems that Tsing Tao was right, France is going to quickly crater. Its too bad because they were doing pretty well with alot of products on US and UK store shelves. I am surprised at the stupidity of the new French government leadership.
  6. The corporate model we have today hasn't always been around and it doesn't need to remain the dominant way we do business.
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    Tsing Tao

    Ban layoffs and companies simply won't hire employees anymore. They'll use consultants or offshore.

    Socialist stupidity.
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    Spoken like a true socialist. So you approve of the stupidity of the new French government leadership. Is anyone here really surprised?
  9. I'm not sure this is a big deal.

    The auto cos lay off people and the laid off workers get "sub pay".

    So the laid off worker get UE and a check from the co, sometimes close to 95% of their pay.

    There is still some value to the co to lay off workers.
  10. The terms and conditions vary by automaker, because each labor contract is different. But GM factory workers who get laid off start out at "sub pay," in which they receive unemployment benefits, and GM pays the difference, up to most of their salary, for 48 weeks.

    After that, laid-off employees go into the jobs bank, where they have the option of taking 85 percent of their base pay -- which averages almost $62,000 a year -- plus benefits, without reporting to work. In the meantime, the company tries to find them jobs elsewhere.

    Or workers can get 100 percent of their pay by reporting to either the union hall or the plant, where they may be called upon to perform tasks around the factory or sometimes community service work.

    But if there isn't anything to do, workers simply stay at the union hall or factory and find ways to pass the time.


    Granted things may have changed but the point being, nothing new here..

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