France - Carrefour suspension of SRD

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    Happening from next monday to July 5th.

    Anyone familiar with the french stock market and this suspension ?? What are the consequences ???

    From what i understand all shorts have to cover by tomorrow market close, and no shorts will be allowed until July 5th.

    Any idea of the implications ? how much can that push CA up, if at all ??

    I have more questions about technical and tax details following the split of CA into CA and DIA in the form of an exceptional dividend, if some of you have a clue of what will happen.

    Precisely will there be a witholding tax of 25% on the value of DIA stocks applied to all non french residents ? Plus a 25% witholding tax on the 1.05euros standard dividend ?? I'm long CA quite a bit but will exit before that date if that's the case.
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    suspension of DSO english version. Any comment ?

    Temporary suspension of the DSO
    Pending the CARREFOUR ordinary and extraordinary shareholders meeting of the next June 6, 2011 to
    decide on a special dividend in shares DIA SA, CARREFOUR shares will no longer be eligible to DSO from
    June 27, 2011 (the day after the last trading day of the deadline DSO June 2011) until the July 4, 2011
    CARREFOUR shares will again be eligible to DSO as of July 5, 2011 (or after the effective date of predictive
    special dividend)
    Consequently, prorogations will not be permitted and customers with open positions will have to close DSO
    positions before the date of maturity of June 2011 (Isin code FR0000881823)
    II - Creation of the Lending and Borrowing Market maturity July 2011
    The lending and borrowing market Maturity July 2011 will be created as from the 6th of July 2011.
    Isin Code : FR0000881831
    Mnémonique : CAN1
    Designation : CARREFOUR JUL1
    Product name: CARREFOUR
    ISIN: FR0000120172 Euronext code: FR0000120172
    Symbol: CA National code: