France and Jacques Chirac

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sputdr, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Does anyone else recall several months ago Jacques Chirac said if France experienced a terrorist attack France would use the nuclear response?

    THe papers and the rest of Europe ask Isreal to use a measured response but nobody rebukes France for their "measured" response.
  2. Ha,

    That would be like a little weasel to talk so big and then curl up in the face of a real threat.
  3. Nuclear warheads don't make sense anymore, as the ennemy cannot be identified as being a state : if a terrorist organisation like Al Q. attacks, where do you hit? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? I think you see the problem.

    It's the same for Israel at the moment : the battlefield is Lebanon. You can't just nuke Lebanon and then just say you're sorry about the collateral damage... And you can't nuke Syria or Iran because they are not (officially) at war against you.

    Besides, at the time Chirac said that, it was because he was under pressure to reduce France's nuclear capacity, too costly to maintain and ineffective in the new context mentioned above. So it was more of a political move than a "threatening" statement. I think the next president, whoever he (or she) is, will eventually reduce the number of warheads, it seems reasonable to do so.