fractals, the universe...let's get into it

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    Read that one too, I thought it was great!
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    I think you may have been confused about certain things regarding evolution.... "It is also hard to believe that somehow a bunch of fish just decided they wanted to walk on land and sprouted legs" - The biggest misconception is that as living organisms adapt to their environment, they developed features that serve the purpose, but that's not true. Take the example of giraffes, the reason why they have long necks was not because they stretch their necks to eat the leafs. Instead, it was because as the leafs from the shorter trees were all eaten away, the giraffes that have long necks were the only one that were able to continue feeding due to a genetic advantage. Sooner or later, the shorter-neck giraffes died off, and the longer-neck giraffes survived and passed on their genes to their offsprings which explain why they have only long necks now. This is the principle behind "survival of the fittest". As to why giraffes have different neck-lengths in the first place, it's simply mutations in the gene that gave various differences just like humans do right now. As an example, if we were to flash forward to the future it may be conceivable that the only type of human left are of African-heritage with black skins due to their ability to protect themselves against UV rays as the Ozone continue to depletes. The others with lighter skins died off and thus that gene pool disappears. Survival of the fittest is what competition is about, and we can see it also in business and sports, etc...Evolution therefore is about nature's way of competing to see who should thrive and who should die.
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