fractal generator algorithm

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  1. Does anyone have a simple three leg fractal generator algorithm?

    It would be nice to be able to vary theta and magnitude of the base legs.

  2. p.s. not a julia generator (complex iteration), but a simple generator algorithm or program that generates simple forms like kotch, cantor, or three piece generators (like stocks).
  3. I see not many here understand fractals, eh?
  4. That's one possibility.
  5. tortoise


    That's the problem, isn't it? Everyone's always tarting up their three leg fractal generator algorithms. Good on you for wanting to keep it simple.
  6. LOL, you nailed his ass to the wall on that one "T".

    To the OP, whatever analysis you do on the markets, believe me, KISS is always the better way to go.

    Later genius.
  7. hehe, it's funny that you didn't even understand T's response, yet try to throw out a snide response -- a 3 leg fractal generator is about as simple as it gets.

    Even funnier that you name yourself mandelbrot, but do not even understand what a fractal is.

    And who said I wanted it to analyze the markets?

    There's a slim chance that someone posting here might understand some fractal math, but then I guess I was reaching for the stars.

    Great replies though=)
  8. yeah ... right :p

    Try Google next time.

  9. If u need I can help you with a fractal fotchulator algo--

    Hey! I got your fractal third leg rite here!
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