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    I just spent 2 days in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania chasing fall colors and the amount of drilling rigs on the road was unbelievable. No motel rooms in Wellsboro or Mansfield, had to go down to Williamsport and got the last room in town. 500+ rooms gone to the Fracking boys, new hotels being built, banners hanging outside "Now hiring"...

    Talking to several of the fellows from "Fractech" claim they will be drilling 10 to 20 years...Saw a 14 inch pipeline being buried in my travels...Water trucks on the road by the 100"S(to keep the drill head cool)...

    All the big boys are there "Haliburton, BJ Hughes, Allison, Schlumberger,etc
    It looks like "Boomtown USA" . I imagine if your young and not afraid of hard work you'll be hired in a minute.
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    NPR recently had a segment on North Dakota and how fracking has changed the landscape in some small towns. No unemployment, miles of lines of trucks (no sedans), not enough housing, etc.

    An even more recent segment on fracking had an analyst stating the US will produce as much as Saudi Arabia within 5 years. I thought it was the weatherman speaking, but no, it was some asian analyst.

    And Halliburton recently issued a pr regarding them hiring 10,000 additional workers for fracking jobs with salaries in the low 6 digits. Some stocks ccr, ftk... on the chemicals/pumping side. And the biggies hal bhi etc.
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    Cool. Pretty soon Jim dipshit Rogers will be moving back to the US.
  4. Unpossible.