FOXNEWS Cavuto disses McCain, compares him to John Kerry

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Neil Cavuto, no fan of Obama, really tore McCain a new one:

    Here is what Neil had to say:
    "Missed tonight's Cavuto? Catch "The Deal" right here on

    John McCain, I figured out today why you're losing.

    Your positions are always changing.

    You voted for the $700 billion rescue package.

    Yet today lumped your opponent with the Bush Administration for essentially pushing the same package.

    Here's the deal:

    What's the deal with the straight talk express?

    He voted for this rescue, but now says Barack Obama and the White House, who voted for the same rescue, apparently voted for something different.

    Specifically, McCain wants to target the $700 billion into solving the mortgage crisis, not helping Wall Street banks.

    Look, I wasn't for this rescue, but I kind of knew what it was about...shoring up the banks.

    If Senator McCain didn't know that, he shouldn't have voted for that...maybe he should have read that.

    Because he is smarter than this, and the verbal gymnastics that rival anything John Kerry was ever for before he was against...way, way before this.

    Not that Barack Obama's positions are any more encouraging...but they are consistent."

    Seems to me the Straight Talk Express just threw another wheel. OMG-Fox News dissed McCain.

  2. Republicans never were 100% behind McLame. Now they're like rats jumping off a ship. He'll take the full blame for the campaign, and they'll focus on Palin for 2012. You never hear republicans championing their candidate, all they're doing is bashing the opponent. It is because there's nothing to stand behind with McCain, I still don't know what he's FOR, except for the government buying everyone's mortgages (which is somehow NOT socialism, unless a democrat proposes it) I don't know a single republican who actually is supportive of mccain.

  3. That is because the evil fucks HAVE NO plan.

    except mouth off on how they will cut taxes, kill gays, hang blacks and hispanics, protect un-born child until they are born ( then throw them into the trash ).

    These anti-social mother fuckers think they are smarter than everyone else.

    They'll cut taxes to zero, borrow money from enemy states and then they'll fool Santa into flying in with bags of money to pay off their fucking mess.

    Individually when you get to know each one, they have absolutely no redeeming values.
  4. He has made a career out of sticking his finger in the eye of other republicans to please his media constituency. Now, characteristically, he has made a mess of the one crisis that arose during the campaign, one that ironically he should have rode into the White House.

    Most republicans are deeply demoralized and angry. They have a right to be. A dysfunctional primary season produced a candidate who was not the choice of a majority of republican primary voters, and he has run a desultory campaign.
  5. There is still a rift between classical, more protectionist conservatives like Christopher Buckley and spendthrift, globalist 'Neocons' like McCain and Bush. The former put more emphasis on cuture and nationalism, while the later on capitalism.