FOXNews - Best Pie Chart Ever

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Covertibility, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. From Ritholtz' blog:


    I'd bet not a single viewer knows what's wrong with it.
  2. Simple jokes for simple minds.

    What was the context of the question professor?
  3. Wow...they must have polled all "57" states that obama went to to get those numbers.

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  4. Hi John,

    It is not the question...It is the pie my friend.


  5. A liberal's view of the "pie in the sky" ...

    Perhaps, Fox was trying to broaden their viewership

  6. Does the pie chart represent 100% or perhaps was there a series of questions that each individual slice represent 100%?

    Do not be fooled by liberal lies.

  7. come on dude, Fox fudged up, ...

    these idiots wish to make it a test of Fox's credibility, while they still defend the other idiots at CRU.

    you're correct on one account, these people are idiots
  8. Quote from Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood:

    "Okay boys and girls, welcome to my neighborhood. You know it happens so often with the right wing. Today we are going to talk about straw man fallacies. For example look at the straw man fallacy below."

  9. Hi John,

    if that was the case then they should've made it as a bar histogram for example rather than a pie.
    Secondly, they made it a a percentage. If it is a percentage, then no matter how you cut it, the people they interviewed, who answered the same set of questions, represent a hundred percent regardless of their number.


  10. dsq

    dsq idiot dont even know what percent means....Duh...You get the award for biggest doofus of 2009.
    #10     Nov 27, 2009