Fox the Only Cable Station to Air Pelosi's Speech Live

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  1. And it gets even better...

    Fox the Only Cable Newser to Air Pelosi's House Speech Live
    By Noel Sheppard
    November 8, 2009 - 10:57 ET

    The White House might want to rethink its position on Fox not being a real news network after what happened during Saturday's historic debate and vote on healthcare reform.

    Consider that as far as cable is concerned, with the exception of C-SPAN, only Fox aired House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's speech live as it was happening.

    You're not going to believe what CNN and MSNBC thought was more important according to TVNewser:

    • So, we wonder if the White House still thinks Fox News is "not a news network." Tonight, Fox News was the only news channel [other than C-SPAN] to provide live coverage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi making her way to the house chamber, then speaking to members ahead of tonight's vote on health care reform. CNN stayed with a taped replay of The Situation Room. MSNBC was airing a crime documentary, but mentioned that Pelosi was speaking during a scheduled live cut-in.

    Hmmm. So one was airing a rerun and the other a crime documentary as the Speaker was addressing the House hours before an historic vote that could end up impacting one-sixth of the American economy.

    And the White House thinks Fox isn't a real news network?
  2. Maybe MSNBC got it right. I would call the evening not politics but a comedy.