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  1. campaign manager for McCain. Wallace asks when Palin will be interviewed by the Press. He says, 'when we're ready'.

    Hume says, in panel session, 'I don't think the public gives a fig if the Press interviews Palin."

    Check out the NYTimes on Steve Schwartz , too.

    This is brilliant politics. The media slanders, go around them. And it is so interesting to watch. If McCain pulls this off, it will go down like Dewey/Truman. Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

    He had some very good answers on Democrats slamming Palin on porkbarrels, too. He pointed out she was dealing with what she inheritied in the Stevens machine, and rejected it as it came up. And the more they try to tell tales, the more the middle of the country will side with her. McCain will be up ten in the morning. Let's see the Clintons doing the "We told you so....." routine. By the way, the "Politics" thread is growing about three times as fast as "Trading" and "Wall St." since Palin's arrival. Not good for the Dems. Not good at all.
  2. I saw something interesting on the Chicago Tribune's web site. The Trib did a multi photo "fashion" spread on Sarah. Everything from her RNC dress to her "Valley Trash" t-shirt. At the end readers were given 4 choices:

    Sarah Palin,

    Misses the target
    16.8 %

    VP bull’s-eye

    Too beauty queen
    10.2 %

    Too backwoods
    3.6 %

    2686 total responses

    Very good considering that except for meterosexual Pabst the other 2685 voters were probably chicks. More important they're women responding in Obama's hometown paper!!

    McCain still has his work cut out for him but Palin has certainly done her job thus far.

    The Left is so friggin' moronic. Sen. Change veeps a guy who's been in the Senate 30 years, a guy who voted for Iraq, a guy who was the lone Dem voice favoring the bankruptcy bill, a bill his son's client LOBBIED and the idiot libs think Palin is "unqualified." She's PRECISELY the type of candidate Sen. Change should've been looking at. Just wait until she HAMMERS Biden on his son. The press is already helping although they clearly have more fun babe bashing than true investigative work. But while the idiot blogosphere worries about Palins record as mayor the MSM which makes or breaks policy smells blood with not only Biden's son but the appearance of Biden doing favors for his son's clients. No wonder Joe can brag that he has a net worth of only 150k. His son makes 150k per month.