Fox News regular viewers cool on Ron Paul...

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  1. Ron Paul is very intellectual, which is a plus. A possible issue with him, in the eyes of potential voters, is that he sounds intellectual when he speaks. Many people are turned of by individuals who sound intellectual when they try to explain an issue. The ideal candidate might be one who is very intellectual, and knows what is really going on, but communicates in such a way that he/she sounds like a normal voter.
  2. Something like Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, who knew how to speak Bubba...and eat fried food at a fast food restaurant?

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    Tsing Tao

    unfortunately, while i agree ron paul is intellectual, he absolutely does not sound intellectual. he stutters, has problems phrasing his thoughts, and gets so abstract in theory (often around monetary policy) that people get lost in the first 5 seconds. THAT is his major problem.

    if you had a smooth talker like obama who ran on paul's ideals, you'd have a very popular person right now.

    make no mistake, i like paul - he's my favorite. but i can see the regular joe glazing over when paul talks.
  4. Yeah, that's kind of what I meant.
  5. Potential voters prefer people with the intelligence of Dubya. Anyone that seems a bit too educated would be labeled "Elitist"

    Ron Paul is too smart to be president.
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    Fox viewers have mostly swallowed the neocon kool aid, so are convinced that Ron Paul is in league with Al Qaeda. After all, he doesn't think we should stay in the Middle East forever and just keep killing Muslims like so many whack-a-moles.